In the digital world since 2010
Promoting websites for western markets

TRIONIKA succeeded in winning HR-IT 2015 Award
TRIONIKA improving the SEO community since 2015
TRIONIKA helps children aged 8-12 learn programming to succeed
TRIONIKA supports charity funds all the time
TRIONIKA is an official Google Partner
TRIONIKA the best employer in the DOU rating

Corporate Culture

We want to make our world a better place. Quite an ambitious goal you might say. Our first step is changing our country for the better. True, just digital marketing is not enough for this. That's why we divide our profits between investing in our company and investing in the people of our country through charities.

The company experience and long-time presence on the market allow our employees to work according to the latest strategies with the best specialists and all the opportunities of the western IT world.

Our Dream Team is our biggest asset. We help our employees grow, use their strong sides and develop on the whole. The welcome standards we've set for new employees, the SMART-goals and KPIs all contribute to the understanding of what is expected. The business processes help us perform our tasks with speed and precision.

The selection process for new employees is transparent. Regardless of hard skills, each employee needs to be able to work in a team and be:

  • Honest
  • Engaged
  • Efficient
  • Proactive

Our business is as if sailing in a “red ocean” (W. Chan Kim). The competitive market requires us to act quickly and often aggressively at the same time following ethical standards in our relationships with competitors and partners. Our active strategy aims at making us lifelong partners for each other and our counteragents. We choose the Peaceful Warriors Way (Dan Millman) and are ready to work with those who believe in our values.

Trionika — The Best Employer for SEO Specialists

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Our Benefits:

  • West-oriented projects
  • Stability from 8 years' experience in SEO
  • Unlimited budget for website promotion
  • Opportunity to acquire shares of a project
  • Participation in SEMPRO and other private events
  • Result-oriented approach of the company
  • Freedom to implement creative solutions

Our Office

Our Mission